Online Sports Betting

As an industry, Online Sports Betting is less than a quarter of a century old, with the Free Trade and Processing

Zone Act that allowed offshore licenses for online betting operators only being passed by Antigua and Barbuda in 1994.

Online Sports Betting is the easiest way to bet in the modern era, with hundreds of sports books providing access to a myriad of sports betting markets across a wide range of sports.

Making an online sports bet is generally a very straightforward process that just requires you to select your chosen sport and competition, then the game in question, the market of your choice and finally your stake and confirming your bet.

Online Sports Betting in US

In 2006 the US government passed the UIGEA (Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act), which made it illegal for banks and credit companies to process financial transactions for betting sites. This in turn led to the majority of online sports betting sites opting to leave the US market.

Change is afoot though and in May 2018 the U.S. Supreme Court paved the way for sports betting to be permitted by striking out the 1992 ‘Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act’.

As online sports books gradually return to the US, we at will keep you informed on a state by state basis as to the developments and help you choose the best and most reputable sportsbooks on the market.

Among the factors we look for are when choosing the best online sports betting sites are the ease of opening accounts, a decent selection of banking options for deposits and withdrawals and great customer service. Everything will be written from an unbiased viewpoint in order for our readers to make informed choices as to what’s best for you on an individual basis.

NHL Daily Picks & Odds

There are a wide variety of NHL Lines available when it comes to betting options. The ‘Money Line’ is the most popular of the NHL Lines, being a straightforward two-way choice as to which team will win the game in question (including any OT or penalties).

Among the other NHL Lines that might be worth looking at are the ‘Match Result’ (a regular time bet which takes the draw into account), the ‘Puck Line’ (a combination of the Money Line and a Handicap bet) and the ‘Correct Score’.

In our NHL Picks throughout the season, you can be assured that we’ll seek out the most competitive NHL betting odds and thoroughly research all the key data, including team news (such as any injuries and key players being rested), current form, home-ice advantage, Power Play and Penalty Kill.

NBA Daily Picks & Odds

The most popular NBA Lines include Handicaps and ‘Point Spreads’, along with game point totals and head-to-head ‘Money Line’. For those who fancy something a little more exotic in their betting, there are also an increasingly number of alternative NBA markets to available bet on.

Again, our NBA Picks will sift through all the relevant data, stats and news to produce informed selections throughout the entire season.

MLB Daily Picks & Odds

The MLB Lines that are the most popular among bettors are the ‘Money Line’, ‘Run Line’ and ‘Run Totals’. As with the other sports, those prepared to adopt a waiting game might be tempted with a long-term Futures bet. These MLB bets include season bets, such as which team will win the World Series.

Once again, our MLB Picks will take account of any relevant news and stats to provide well-researched selections.