History of the NFL

The National Football League is one of the most popular sports in North America and over the past decade, the sport has also been growing in global markets as well. The sport has a very long history which dates all the way back to 1920 when the league was first developed. In 1920 the league was named the American Professional Football Association but quickly was switched to the National Football League in 1922. The National Football League has stuck with the name since 1922 and it should remain the name of the league for decades to come.

When the NFL first started there were only a total of eleven teams who played, but over the years there has been a great deal of expansion in the league and there are now thirty-two teams. The thirty-two teams stretch across the United States and teams play against each other one time a week throughout the seventeen week season. Every team also gets one week during the seventeen weeks where they don’t play a game and this is known as the bye week.

Since 2002 the NFL has kept the same schedule and it consists of four preseason games, sixteen regular season games and then the playoffs. The top twelve teams based on division winners and several wild cards compete in a single elimination playoff which ends with the final two teams competing in the Super Bowl. The Super Bowl is one of the most anticipated sporting events in North America every year and advertisers spend millions of dollars on commercials each year. Often some of the best commercials including beer commercials make their appearance during the Super Bowl.

The NFL didn’t become a staple in American sports until the 70’s roughly, but from that point on it was one of the best sports in the country. The very first Monday Night Football game was played in the 70’s and to this day MNF is one of the best nights of the week during the football season. The MNF game is always the best game of the week and it mixes football with some entertainment.

The NFL is broadcasted on many of the major television networks including FOX, NBC, CBC and many other top networks. The NFL also started there own television network called the NFL Network in 2003 which features the games every week and many other football television shows throughout the season. The NFL has also been working on making a bigger impression on the global markets and they have been playing NFL games globally for a couple decades now. The most recent move by the NFL was last year when they played games in London and Toronto.

The NFL has definitely had its ups and downs throughout its long history dating back to 1920, but the organization has overcome any hurdles thrown at it and today is the number one football league in America. There have been other leagues which have tried to gain the limelight that the NFL has, but none have come even close and in fact, most of the competition has folded.