Football Betting Terms

When you’re betting on the NFL or college football you’ll need to know some of the basic terms so that you can understand what’s going on. It isn’t imperative to know football terms in order to bet on the sport, but you will be able to understand a lot more if you do. You’ll also be able to follow sports cappers outlooks throughout the season because most of them use betting terminology while capping games online.

Football Betting TermsAction

– Action is a term used to describe any type of wager on any game.


– ATS is an abbreviation which means “Against The Spread” and it describes betting on the underdog in a point spread bet and taking the points rather then betting on the favourite and laying the points.

Point Spread

– The point spread is a wager where you bet on whether the favourite will win by a pre-determined amount of points or whether the underdog will not lose by a pre-determined amount of points.
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– A moneyline bet is when you need to pick one of the two teams to win the game and they only need to win by one point or more as there is no point spread involved.


– A parlay is a term used to describe multiple bets on the same sports ticket. Instead of betting on just one game you can bet on multiple games with higher payouts and this is known as a parlay,


– A bookie is someone who accepts wagers on sporting events.


– When you’re betting on the point spread in football the term cover means that the favourite team covered the point spread set in place for that game.


– The term dollar typically means an even $100 bet when betting on sporting events.

Prop Bet

– A prop bet is used to describe certain bets you can make on sporting events that aren’t your typical point spread, over/under or straight bets.

Futures Bet

– In football you can make certain futures bets including who will win the Super Bowl, who will win the divisions, etc. Typically these bets need to be made before the season or really early into the season although you’ll find better odds when betting on these bets before the season starts.


– When someone is handicapping games they are trying to predict the outcome of that given event. You should try and find good handicappers online so you can gain insight on their thoughts each week of the football season.


– The underdog is a term used to describe the team who isn’t expected to win the game.


– The favourite is a term used to describe the team who is expected to win the game.


– A wager is a term used to describe when you make a bet on any given outcome.
These are most of the football terms you’re going to need to know to understand what’s going on. If you know you aren’t going to be able to remember them I would suggest making a bookmark of this page so you can come back to it at anytime.