Daily Fantasy Football Betting in US

Fantasy Football is a pastime played by millions of people around the world. You get to be the general manager and pick your own team in a draft consisting of all the current football players.

There are generally two types of fantasy football:

  1. Traditional fantasy leagues which are mostly free to play, played by many who compete in leagues across a whole season.
  2. Daily fantasy leagues, where you can play on a daily or weekly basis.

Free fantasy football is available on the official NFL site and, for example, on ESPN. These are mostly played throughout the entire season. However, there are sites such as  DraftKings and FanDuel which offer daily fantasy football and also allow you to play free fantasy football until you feel ready to start placing real wagers.

How to play Daily fantasy football

Daily fantasy football sites allow you to bet on games every week of the season. The first thing you need to do is register with one of the daily fantasy football sites. When you register, you will get a full rundown on how to play fantasy football.

Instead of drafting a team once for the whole season you pick nine players each time you want to play. There is usually a salary cap and you have to pick players in major positions in the team. (Like QB, RB, WR and so on)

A lot of research goes into creating teams and making bets. Statistics is, of course, one of the best tools but you have to take into account rivalries, head to head records, injuries, game locations and even the weather forecasts.

Following expert fantasy football picks will also help guide you. Once you are done researching you can choose to bet on cash games (50/50 or head to head) or join a tournament.

Daily Fantasy Football Sites

There are many sites you can use to play daily fantasy football such as FantasyDraft, Boom Fantasy and Draft but the two sites who hold 95% of the daily fantasy football market, are DraftKings and FanDuel. These sites offer you the possibility to create as many teams as you want, join a league or place wagers on any number of games, from normal season games, the playoffs or the Super Bowl.


With DraftKings you need to register, place your deposit which is as little as $5 and you are set. The salary cap for your team is $60,000 which is $10k more than you get on FanDuel.

You get one point for receptions so pick a good wide receiver. DraftKings also offers you up to five free game entries.

DraftKings cover most football contests plus eSports and MMA as well. You can use the site in most of USA & Canada, but also in the UK, Germany and Australia.


FanDuel has been the leader in daily fantasy sports for a long time holding close to 70% of the market. The salary cap is at $50,000 and you get 0.5 points per reception. When you sign up with them, you can also get a 100% bonus.

FanDuel has a nice feature where you can have a look at your opponents before the gameplay. FanDuel covers most sports but not eSports, MMA or Nascar.

Daily Fantasy Football Advice

You can use different tactics when you choose your fantasy teams. One of the best fantasy football tips is ‘stacking’ where you choose players from the same team in different positions. For instance, you might want to choose a QB and WR from the same team if they have a good history and work well with each other.

One of the more important things in daily fantasy football is not to use the same teams for cash games and tournaments (guaranteed prize pools or GPP).

You might not want to pick the best QB out there as they will take a lot of your salary cap but look to make a good value selection across the positions. Look at their points performance especially points per reception or touchdown linkups. Our final fantasy football tips are to go for consistency!