College Football Odds

College football is a huge sporting event in the United States and although it doesn’t reach into many global markets there are still millions of fans who watch college football games every week of the season.

Quite a high percentage of the people who watch college football also enjoy betting on the sport, but if you haven’t bet on the sport before then you might not understand how to read the odds for the games. It’s imperative that you know how to read and understand the posted odds of the bets you’re looking at in college football because they vary so much.


Moneyline Odds

  • Florida Gators -300 vs. Oklahoma Sooners +250

Not all college football games will have money line odds available due to the fact that in some games the bookmakers don’t think a given team stands a chance. In the closer match-ups, there will be money line odds available and they are really simple to read. The favourite for the game will have odds posted with a (-) and the underdog will have odds posted with a (+). The (-) signifies how much juice you need to pay per $100 and the (+) signifies how much extra you’ll make per $100 if the underdog comes through. In the above example you’d need to wager $300 per $100 profit on the Gators and for every $100 you wager on the Sooners you’d make $250 if they win.

Point Spread Odds

  • Florida Gators -21.5 vs. Oklahoma Sooners +21.5

In college football, the most common type of bet is a point spread bet and in college football, they can be really high. The reason some spreads are so high in college football is that the competition is really spread out in the league due to so many teams. So when a top ten ranked team is playing against an unranked team you’ll find point spreads which are really high. Don’t think that a team won’t be able to cover a monster spread because a lot of the time the top-ranked teams will cover. In the above example, the posted odds for the game is showing us that the Gators would need to win by 22 and the Sooners could lose by 21 or less to win.

Over/Under Odds

  • Florida Gators vs. Oklahoma Sooners – 47.5

In the above example the posted total is 47.5 which means if you want to bet on the over the game needs to have more then 48 points and if you want to bet on the under the game needs to have less then 47 points for you to win.

All of the prop bets available for college football games with have the same odds as the money line bets so they are really simple to read and understand. All you need to remember is that a (-) means you need to pay juice and a (+) means that the house is paying you juice for taking the underdog. Most online sportsbooks will tell you how much you will make on your wager before you actually make it so you won’t typically need to do the math yourself.