College Football Betting Strategy

You can bet on college football at most of the major online sportsbooks and it happens to be one of the most wagered on sporting events in the United States due to its high popularity. If you want to have the best shot at making money in college football then you won’t be able to just bet on any game you feel like because you like the team.

In order to be a profitable college football capper, you’re going to need to spend some time handicapping the games each week. In this article, we’ll go through a simple approach that you can use each week to cap the games.

Initially, when the week’s lines come out you should browse through them briefly and take a look at the games you feel look favourable. Once you have 5-10 games that have caught your eye from the week’s games you will want to begin doing your research on each of the games so you can find out the best bets for the week.

There are plenty of factors you should look at when you’re betting on college football games including the following.

  • The posted point spreads are really important to analyze because you can usually find some nice trends in college football which are profitable throughout the season. For instance, over the past decade most of those years you’d have made a profit by betting the underdog on games with a spread of 40+ points. You should also look at the teams ATS record each week so you can find out if the good teams are covering and if the bad teams are keeping games close.
  • Before the season begins you should spend a weekend doing a bunch of homework on every team. You should learn whether star players are going to be returning to the team as well as if there have been any coaching changes in the off-season.
  • Injuries are very important to stay on top of throughout the college football season because if a star player is injured it can often change the entire team’s performance. When big-name players are missing from the line-up on fairly good teams I wouldn’t recommend betting against them, but I would suggest not betting for them.
  • The scheduling of the season for teams is an important thing to look at when betting on games. If a team has been travelling across the country on a road swing for several weeks then they might be tired. If the team is missing days rest because of scheduling from the week before it’s important to know this because they might not perform 100%.
  • Throughout the week you’ll often see the line move for games due to news surrounding the teams in the game. When you notice a line moving big in one direction then make sure you get on the game because the line is moving for a reason.
  • Try not to get too overwhelmed by the action and try to limit the number of bets you make each week. The more bets you make the less likely you’ll be to win a good percentage of games. Typically I find a good number of games to bet on each week is 3-5 depending on how good the week’s games look.