Who’s really worth a No. 1 pick?

What a mistake it would be if the Rams take Sam Bradford in the upcoming draft. Not that anyone would really be that interested in trading up, but the Rams should look at other options. All I hear the media saying is “If they want to follow the money, blah blah blah.” Let me tell you, that’s ridiculous. This is not a guy you want to blow a top pick on.

The Rams need to get their defensive line in order first (who doesn’t?). If I were calling the shots, I’d spend the pick there, or trade down to a taker and maybe look at other options in the second or third round at QB (think Tebow will drop?)

And speaking of dropping, sad to see superstars like LT2, Westbrook and now Thomas Jones get released. We all know why, and in the case of Westbrook it’s probably overdue, but still…end of an era and all that stuff. No doubt these guys will get picked up somewhere if they still want to play, but the question is would you bet on a team that plans to start them, even Tomlinson?

I can’t say that I would. Of course, I also can’t imagine the Chargers putting the bulk of the RB responsibilities on the shaky shoulders of Darren Spoles (in fact, as I’m typing this, he’s cleared for free agency). But think about it, this is a great team that let Tomlinson go, perhaps without a solid plan for a replacement. So who’s chomping at the bit to bring him in – at over 30? Didn’t quite work for Emmit Smith in Arizona.

Tread lightly when planning futures bets with teams thinking about turning the ball over to one of these guys. Although, I will say Thomas Jones can still get it done.

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