What are the Redskins thinking?

I can’t write about football this week and not talk about the McNabb to Redskins deal. How will this impact the gambling action on both the Eagles and Washington? Will this rejuvinate McNabb or is he closer to digging his professional grave? Both very good questions.

McNabb to the Redskins, geez. Where to start. First of all, don’t become a home Redskins fan and think they put the final piece in place for a playoff run. They haven’t. They’ve added a veteran on the slow descent to the downside of his career to a team with an oft-injured running back and defense that would’ve benefited from an upgrade before the QB position. And we’re throwing to…………..? Don’t say Santana Moss. The guy is so overrated it’s ridiculous.

Truth is, in my jaded analysis, this makes the Eagles better and the Redskins worse. Worse because it forces them to start a QB who, despite having every piece in place for a number of years, could never get the job done. Yes, I’m blaming McNabb. Not Reid, not Westbrook, not Owens, not the defense. Now Washington puts this guy into a new system and all of a sudden they’re supposed to put that 4-12 record to bed? How?

My advice: Stay FAR away from betting on Washington. They still have a ton of problems as a team. Even if Portis is healthy (which won’t happen) you aren’t going to get more than 4 or 5 touchdowns out of him. That position is in flux, and the opposing defenses are going to make it so difficult for McNabb to get any time it won’t be his fault when he challenges Aaron Rodgers for most sacks of the season.

The Eagles, however, have a fresh start here. New QB, new RB, hopefully filled by two guys who don’t spend entire seasons on the bench hurt. The Eagles defense still lives up to its reputation. They need a few sparks on offense and they can force the Cowboys to look over their white and blue shoulders better than anyone in the NFC.

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