Top 25 teams…still too early to talk about it?

Apparently, it’s never too early for ESPN to talk about college football. And since there’s not much going on right now, they’re talking about the Top 25. (Sounds familiar…can’t…quite…place it, though).

And while, yes, it is still too early to rank these teams “officially,” the sports gambler knows it’s never too early to assess what we’re working with here. So I’m going to loosely approach this ranking and continue to pick apart areas you should and shouldn’t pay attention to.

First, they plunged Oregon down to No. 10 due to the season-long suspension of quarterback Jeremiah Masoli. Honestly, that drop is too generous. They should be down more around No. 18 or so to start. And while the recent NCAA basketball tournament proved that anything is possible for the underdog, we all know college football, especially the BCS, has no interest in giving Cinderella a ticket to the very exclusive ball. And now Oregon knows they’re not going to a BCS game this year. Strike one. They also are going to be hurting for confidence behind an inexperienced field leader. Strike two. I won’t force a strike three just for the sake of completing the thought, but I think you get the point. They’ll win some games on the strength of their defense, sure, but they play in a tough conference and it’s not looking too good right now.

Boise State is stubbornly kept at No. 2. I won’t spend too much time on this, but the fact that they’re STILL above Ohio State and Texas is laughable. I know they basically have their entire team returning, but I just can’t get on board against those other two. Boise State at No. 4? Maybe, a bit more believable. They just don’t have a very tough schedule.

Nebraska at No. 7? Look, I’ve been all about chearing Nebraska’s resurgence the past two years. They’re really come on strong, but No. 7 is too high. They’ll probably settle in around No. 12 or so by mid-season. Remember, these guys play in the Big 12, and they’re bound to lose a game or two. And in this game, all it takes is a game or two to keep you out of the top 10 (unless you’re Florida, apparently).

I see the Tar Heels at No. 21. Enjoy that while it lasts UNC fans, I can’t imagine they’ll stay there for long. They basically need their solid defense to become incredible and they’re undisciplined offense to get their act together in a flash. I don’t see both of those happening, and as soon as this team loses a game, they’ll fall off the rankings. They don’t garner the respect of other D1 football clubs, and that’ll hurt them.