Tomlinson and Quinn: Two directions

Two big signings this weekend, at least in name if not in actual conference power-shifting abilities. Ladanian Tomlinson lands with the Jets, a move I really like, and Brady Quinn – yeah, that guy – signs with the Broncos, which I can understand but am largely indifferent to. Keep reading to find out why.

Let’s start with LT2. If this guy can stay on the field, he’s still a Number 1 back. I know his numbers have trailed a bit the last couple seasons, but as an avid football fan and sports gambler, I still have faith he can make the difference in a game more often than not. Of course, putting too much faith in any player over 30 isn’t the best idea, but this is LT we’re talking about. The Jets can make a run at going deep into the playoffs this year – a full season under Sanchez’s belt, a confident defense and now more stability at the RB slot. Although, not sure how much better (if at all) this makes them from having Thomas Jones, who is a workhorse and still a productive one at that. But Tomlinson brings that explosiveness and other intangibles you just don’t see with Jones. Wait a few games to see how LT looks, but if he’s clicking, I’d take a chance and bet the Jets to get to at least the second round.

Now to Denver, where Quinn likely will compete for the starting job with Kyle Orton – one of the trickiest game-managing quarterbacks of the last few years. Orton lulls you and your city into a sense of safety, that the great records are his doing and he’ll keep it going forever. And then the bottom falls out – or in the case of Chicago, it’s taken out from under him. Here’s the deal with Orton, if he were really that good, Quinn would be there as a backup only. Quinn is ridiculously inconsistent, and I’d stay 100 yards away from betting on the Broncos until 1) you know who’s throwing the ball, and 2) if it’s Quinn, he shows he can put together 3 straight games of at least 2:1 TD to INT ratio.

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