The rankings are beginning to take shape

It’s spring, and the college football season is beginning to spring buds, too. Previews are popping up and top 25 lists are starting to make their first appearances. Let’s take a look at a few teams making these lists and talk about their chances, and whether they’re worth your gambling dollars.

It’s not so much the teams that are on these lists that are a little surprising as it is where they’re falling. OK, Alabama at No. 1 is more or less a given. The defending champs have earned that spot and have an incredible amount of talent ready to go for another title come the fall (and that’s even after losing 7 players to the NFL draft).

How about teams like Boise State and TCU? They hype is steadily building for these teams, and in my opinion that’s a dangerous thing to bet on. Here’s why. It always seems without the big name, they’re 1 loss away from dropping about 12 spots in the rankings. So if Boise State finds themselves at No 2., say above Ohio State, a good six or seven weeks into the season, then they get upset by an unranked team and drop from the top 10…they might not even have enough time to recover for consideration in a BSC bowl game. I’ve seen it happen so many times. Boise State has a great deal of returning talent, and TCU is built for offense in the upcoming season, but neither has the staying power of the Buckeyes or Longhorns, for that matter.

So who am I gambling on before the season starts? You might think Alabama is the safest bet, but I’m not convinced yet. Sure, they have the talent, and SHOULD be there, but will they gel? Will the replacement players be a step up or step down from the offseason exodus of players to the next level? Ohio State is ready to reclaim the throne, and that’s who I’m betting on right now.