Team preview: Buffalo Bills

All right, spring is in full force, and before you know it, we’ll be gearing up for pre-season in the NFL. No better time to start previewing every team, whether you think they have a chance to win or not. After all, even a horrible team can make you some money. Starting with the AFC East, the alphabet starts with Buffalo.

The Bills, with an ineffective T.O. (now ex-Bill T.O.), landed worst in their division last year at 6-10. They had very little success through the air (Fitzpatrick had 9 TDs) or on the ground (Fred Jackson had 2). It’s actually a credit to their defense they didn’t fall so far they could count their wins on one hand. Sure, THE top draft pick would’ve been nice, but even the Bills were a far cry from how awful the Rams were in 2009.

This team is in dire need of “out with the old, in with the new” syndrome, at almost every position. Trent Edwards is penciled (lightly) in at QB for now, and he was below average even when he did start last year. This team isn’t going anywhere on his shoulders, and if it comes down to covering a spread, you know it’s not going to happen through the air. In fact, Edwards threw more picks last year than he did INTs, so, if anything, I’d bet against them covering even in a game they’re winning, because Trent is just as likely to serve one up to the cornerback than he is the no-name that’s going to replace Owens.

The games I think they’ll win this year? Looking at the schedule, I’ll start off right away by saying they have a legitimate shot of upsetting Washington on opening day on the road. And in doing so, might permanently shut up anyone who says McNabb can still lead a squad to anything worthwhile. However, you look further down the road, and that might be the only road game the Bills win this year. I also give them home wins against Cleveland and Detroit, and maybe one of the two times they face the Dolphins. A 4-12 year sounds about right. This team is going backward before it goes forward, unfortunately for long-suffering Buffalo fans. But the one game that might give them a spark of hope late in the season is at home against the Steelers. I don’t care how poor Pittsburgh’s year might be going, if they lose to the Bills, that could actually be the intersection of the teams passing each other in opposite directions.