Super Bowl: Colts offense

So, we talked about the defenses last week, and now comes the fun part. And as the line continues to shift ever so slightly (now six in favor of the Colts), let’s take a look at the top most electrifying (with all due respect to The Rock) offenses in the league today, starting with Peyton Manning’s finely tuned machine.

What can I (or anybody for that matter) say about the Colts that isn’t already known? This is Peyton Manning, Reggie Wayne and company. They’ve been to the big dance before, and they’re ready to put up another show. And you should believe the oddsmakers, because I don’t think there’s nearly enough stopping power in New Orleans’ defensive arsenal to put the fear of Mardi Gras into the blue and white.

The pass rush is going to be huge in this game, everybody knows that. But Manning is such a student of the game, and he spreads the field so well (often using Wayne as a decoy), the Saints secondary will be running circles around itself by halftime. It’s not that experts think the Saints defense is that bad, but when stacked up against the Colts’ offense, that’s a different story.

Of course, the Colts defense has its own problems these days with the Freeney situation (yes, we’re talking about offense but we need to update these things).

So here’s what I expect. Dallas Clark will see at least 10 catches for 80 yards or more and a touchdown. Wayne will be double-teamed but still catch a TD pass and go for almost 100. And if Manning hoists a few downfield, they’ll either likely be picked off or connect huge with Garcon. The second-year star has been huge this off-season, and the guy has some flat-out speed that Miles Austin would be jealous of.

You’ll notice I haven’t mentioned the running game yet. How perceptive of you. Look, we all know the game will be won or lost through the air. Then again, so do the teams, and you can bet they’ll try to keep the offenses as honest as possible. Both teams have what I call A to B running backs. Like a reliable car, they’ll get you from point A to B without much flash, but they’ll surprise you when tested every so often. Addai, who was a top 5 pick in last year’s fantasy drafts (just to show you how far he’s fallen), is the epitome of that. He can pound it in down low as a go-to option, something you won’t see on the Colts team (no to Thomas, no to Bush).

The line keeps crawling up, and we all keep finding ways to justify the Colts covering. Hell, if you were going to bet them at 5.5, you mine as well stick with them at 6, right? I still think it’s going to be a blowout, so I’m betting the Colts, but if the Freeney injury has you doubting, play it safer and take your amount down or hedge it with an over/under or one of the other thousand gambling options open to you this week.

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