NFL: Who’s your QB?

Everybody knows the QB is the heart and soul of a football team (unless you’re the 2005 Bears). So being that as it is, let’s take a look at some of the QB’s this year who are primed to put up huge numbers. These are the guys you should be throwing your money behind while they’re throwing past 3,000 yards on the season.

Jay Cutler: Yes, I’m starting with the homer pick as a Chicago fan. But can you blame Chicago fans for being excited? The Bears were 9-7 last year, and I expect the presence of Cutler to improve their record by at least 2 games. Devin Harris, Desmond Clark (TE) and Rashied Davis are fine options right now, but think about the increasingly realistic possibility that the Bears land Plaxico Burress and/or Brandon Marshall. There’ll be no stopping them if they play as a unit. With Matt Forte coming into his own as a top-tier back this year, expect defenses to play honest against the pass, thus giving Cutler a bit more time in the pocket to work his magic, as well as avoiding double teams down field. Cutler can put up a 30TD, 3,000 yard year if all goes well in the Windy City.

Tom Brady: A bit of a no-brainer, and he wouldn’t even need to be mentioned had it not been for his season-ending injury last year. But the franchise player is back in action and all signs point to a return to the top for Brady. Don’t even hesitate to bet on Brady returning the Patriots to sole possession of first place in the division and possibly a first-round bye in the playoffs. All the players are still in place for him – Welker and Moss as a fantastic 1-2 tandem at WR, and young but skilled Benjamin Watson at TE. Maroney didn’t light it up last year the way experts were predicting, nor will he ever reach that level of greatness, so the pressure will be back on the passing game. A defense that’s not what it used to be throws another variable into the mix here, but Brady’s durability shouldn’t be one of those questions.

Aaron Rodgers: How nice to not be part of this year’s Brett Favre controversy. This young, talented QB can finally break away from that and take another step toward establishing himself as the new QB dynasty in Green Bay. Rodgers’ experience should start to pay off this year, and he’s very highly rated in fantasy drafts (I know, what does that mean?). But a 3,000-yard year is well within his reach. Donald Driver seems to get better with age, and with Greg Jennings across the field and Donald Lee an above-average option at TE, Rogers’ has plenty of options. The Packers should return to at least 8-8 this year, but they’ll have a tough go in a tough division. At least they get to play the Lions twice.

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