NFL: Week 9

I won’t talk about my fantasy team other than to say I don’t even have enough RB’s to start this week. I’m shocked I’m 4-4. Anyway, the NFL is more of a different story. Not much middle ground in my opinion. You have a nice echlon of great teams, and then what seems like a ton of horrible teams. Tennessee, Washington, Detroit, St. Louis, Tampa, Oakland, KC, Jacksonville, the list goes on. A few teams have themselves situated at .500 or close, but don’t let that fool you. They’re weak and about to fall back even further.

Cardinals at Bears. The Bears are at home and are 3-point favorites, and as a Bears fan I’m going to tell you to bet the Cardinals. I watched closely two weeks ago as the Bengals picked apart the Bears pathetic pass defense, and kept going back and pulling meat from the slaughtered animal. The Bears won’t be able to keep up with the Cardinals receivers even if Boldin is out. And you can bet Warner will be looking for revenge after this week’s embarrassment. And how much longer can the Bears squeak by without a healthy defense? Urlacher we understand, but Tommie Harris again, and one of the Browns is ALWAYS out…. It figures the only week they really shine is against the Browns. The money line on the Cards is only -120, I’d take them strong in a straight-up bet, too.

Pessimistic Giants fans won’t agree, but I think Eli’s crew will rebound this week and cover the 4 1/2 point spread at home against the Chargers. San Diego’s window is so close to shut you can’t even smell Aunt Bea’s pie’s cooling inside on the counter. Phillip Rivers might be around for a while, but LT is a year away from splitting carries with someone, regardless of whether it’s Darren Sproles or not. Once thought to be the toughest defense next to the Steelers and Ravens, the Giants have been soft on both sides of the ball. But they can’t keep losing with that much talent, can they?

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