NFL: Week 8

Bears fans must be crying themselves to sleep at night seeing Benson second in the league in rushing yards (not to mention what he did to them last week) and Kyle Orton driving an undefeated Broncos team. This week Denver goes into Baltimore a 3-point underdog. And I’m calling for the upset. There’s nothing that I’ve seen so far that leads me to believe this rested, well-coached and extremely confident machine (albeit a machine without a star RB) will fall to the Ravens and their overrated defense. That’s right, I said it. It might be close, but I think it’ll be touchdown close over field goal close. Baltimore has always been better at stopping the run anyway, but it’s the passing game that’s helped the Broncos run the table thus far. I like the over, too, as I think the line will give too much credit to the Ravens defense like everyone else seems to do.

Rams at Lions: Heh, just kidding. Although you should watch this game to see if they play better than Florida and Alabama. Matchup of the year folks.

Vikings at Packers: Packers favored by 3 in this one. Another close match up that’ll be tough to call. Yeah, Brett Favre is one heroic son of a gun, or at least that’s what ESPN keeps telling me. So, do we buy the hype? Tough call on the road. He’ll probably get cheered until they score, although I’m guessing AP will bust one in before Favre slips one by the Packers pass defense. The Vikings are a legit contender, though, at least in the NFC. They have a serviceable defense and a very good offense. But seriously, who’s better? The Giants? Maybe two weeks ago. The Cowboys? C’mon. The Falcons, Bears, Cardinals? I’d put the Packers above all of them except maybe the Giants. So Minnesota will be tested big time, and I think they’ll rise to the challenge and cover the spread.

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