NFL: Week 7

Coming off a 1-1 week, I’m looking back at my selections and wondering how the Ravens stayed in that game, especially since it was a high-scoring affair. And the answer is Joe Flacco. The guy is the real deal. I thought the Vikings would cover, but they came up a half-point shy. Hope nobody was riding the Ravens defense in fantasy last week. I did accurately call the Bears game, though. If there’s one thing honest Chicago fans are good at, it’s predicting when their team is going to lose.

But enough of the past, let’s sink our teeth into these juicy match-ups for Week 7.

Packers at Browns. Green Bay as a seven-point favorite? Yeah, they’re on the road, but so what? Cleveland ain’t freezing yet, and it’s not like the Pack doesn’t know how to play in the snow. The Packers soared last week, and the team is healthy. The offense and defense are clicking, and Aaron Rodgers is certainly one of the top 5 most reliable QBs in the NFC this year. Am I missing something in Cleveland? Is Jamal Lewis 10 years younger this week? I don’t buy it. Green Bay should whoop up on these Browns.

Houston is a 3-point favorite at home against the 49ers, which I think is low. Neither team is defensively gifted, so I expect somewhat of a shootout. That said, Matt Ryan to Andre Johnson is a lot more reliable than Shaun Hill (who has been consistently above average this year, don’t get me wrong) to Josh Morgan. Of course, something else to consider is that San Fran does have a better record than the Texans. Still, Gore is banged up, and even teams with suspect cornerbacks can double a wideout. I think Houston will cover.

Oh, and how – HOW – could I forget the debut of Michael Crabtree. The difference-maker! Yeah, not so much. Maybe he’ll see a few catches for 30-50 yards, but I wouldn’t expect much more.

Tough call of the week: Vikings at Steelers – 4-point advantage to the Steelers right now. I gotta think they’ll bounce back and cover that spread, but the RB situation is so shaky right now in Pitt. But it’ll be a hell of a show watching that defense clash with the incredible AP. I see this one being really close, and whether Big Ben works some Big magic or not, it might not be enough for them to cover the spread.

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