We’re only through one week and it’s already a crazy season. I took a beating in fantasy, so I’m looking to redeem myself with some fresh bets. I realized I didn’t officially make a call on the Steelers game looking back, so I’m officially 1-0 heading into this Sunday. Let’s see if I can build on my undefeated record.

Minnesota is a 10-point favorite at Detroit. I think the Vikings will light it up against this week, especially against a Detroit team that, despite a couple exciting young offensive players, is still the Lions. Peterson looks ridiculous out there, and healthy. Favre is getting comfortable with his receiving core, and you’ll only see those TD numbers increase as the year goes on (of course, you might also see those INT’s shoot up there too, it is Favre.) The Vikings D can shut down Detroit, as it’s a better overall unit than the Saints. Stafford is going to get himself a couple picks at least, as they’ll fall behind early and be playing catchup through the air before halftime. Bet the Vikings to cover…comfortably. The only hesitation I have on the line is the health of Favre’s receivers. Berrian is probable, though, so you should see him out there. How much of a factor he’ll be, other than a diversion to keep the defense somewhat honest off Peterson, waits to be seen.

Steelers at Bears: Let’s talk about the over/under first. It’s at 37.5. My feeling is that the Steelers are going to improve their running game on week 1, especially with Urlacher out, and have a need to throw less, since they likely won’t be playing from behind much. Cutler won’t throw 4 picks this week, especially with TP out for 3-6, but there’s more to the Steelers defense than one man. Still, I can easily see this being a 28-17 game. I’d bet the over. Now to the line, 3.5 for Pittsburgh. This has me shaking my head. Why is it so close? Because the Bears are at home? Cutler has nobody to throw to, Forte looked awful against a so-so Pack defense, and the Bears defense took a huge hit, plus they still can’t cover the pass. To me, it’s a no-brainer to take the Steelers to cover in this one. Prove me wrong Bears nation. How long before the city starts to pull a Grossman on Cutler if he doesn’t produce. And that doesn’t mean 300-yard games, it means W’s.

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