NFL: Week 16

Gotta love this time of year. Couple weeks left, yet so many “must win” games on the schedule still – for various reasons, of course. None of which are more enjoyable than to watch an underachieving team try to make a pathetic, 11th-hour push for the playoffs. The, uh, Giants come to mind. Congrats, guys, you embarrassed the Redskins. I’ll take a line out of the great movie “Waiting” and say, “That’s like being the smartest kid with Down syndrome.”

However, the “bubble” team I’m most interested in these days wears white and teal. The Titans, at home, on Christmas day are 3-point favorites against the over hyped Chargers (do experts really think these guys are going to the Super Bowl behind an old running back and a sporadically terrible one?) The Titans are clicking, and you don’t need me to tell you that. Vince Young not only re-energized this group, but his 1-2 punch with Chris Johnson is quietly being whispered as one of the best in the entire league. How can you argue these days? They not only win, but they win consistently, and now we know they can win in the clutch. Anyway, you heard it here, San Diego’s streak comes to an end, as their defense can’t keep up with the Titans. And sure, it’ll be by more than 3 points, too. Bet the Titans.

Jets at Colts. Indianapolis takes a 5.5-point advantage at home in this one. Anybody else feel like it’s the Colts turn now that the Saints lost perfection? If there’s any defense that’s playing up to the task lately, it’s the Jets. The Colts have been coming from behind more than a would-be sexual predator these last few weeks, but I question whether the Jets offense has enough gas left in the tank – on the road – to really put enough distance between the teams. I say this because at some point during the game, the Jets defense will break down and run out of steam, and you can bet Manning will be there to make them pay for it. If this one were in New York, I’d be picking an upset, but with the home-field advantage, I think it’s safe to say Indy will win by a touchdown or more. Bet them to cover.

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