NFL: Week 15

The Cowboys just don’t quit talking trash, do they? Funny thing is, they all believe themselves. For some reason, they believe they’re destined to come out of the NFC despite playing with just an above average QB, a WR whose talent doesn’t match his mouth, and a tight end who’s been so underutilized this year it might be the one area to point fingers if “America’s team” doesn’t make the playoffs. And guess what, this week they play one of the two undefeated giants.

New Orleans is favored by a touchdown at home, and although I do give the Cowboys defense some credit, let’s break down their schedule, because it becomes painfully obvious that Dallas is not even close to an elite team. Here’s who they’ve beat this year – Tampa, KC, Oakland, Washington, Seattle, Carolina, Atlanta and Philadelphia. So possibly with the exception of the Eagles, all they’ve done is beat up on the scrubs. They’ve lost to the Giants twice, the Packers, Chargers and Broncos – all decent to good teams. You think, on the road, they’re going to to give the healthy, scary Saints a run for their money? Please, don’t believe everything you hear Roy Williams say. I’m not saying they won’t be charged up, but they’re just not a very good team. Saints cover.

Browns are two-point underdogs at Kansas City. Now, I know Charles has been somewhat of a breath of fresh air for Chiefs fans at RB once LJ hit the road, but they’re still a terrible team, led by an underachieving Matt Cassel. And the way I see it, Quinn’s on-again, off-again string has him due to throw 4 or 5 TD’s in this one. I’m going with the Brown’s in an upset on the road.

Packers at Steelers: Pick ’em. OK, I pick Green Bay. I know it’s fashionable to avoid the Steelers as they free fall to a painful 2010 death, but it’s the consistency of Aaron Rodgers that has me backing the green and yellow. They do everything pretty good, and I, for one, would like to see what Rodgers can do in the playoffs. Both teams are used to the cold weather, so that shouldn’t be a factor, although it could make for some great television.

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