NFL: Week 13

Anybody else starting to get excited about two undefeated teams meeting in the Super Bowl? If I had to bet on only one of them making it unharmed, it’d have to be the silver and gold at this point. They looked unbeatable, and that was without Reggie Bush. If there’s any year the Saints can take it, it’s this one. What else? The Bears are done, the Titans are not, and Brett Favre is possibly the MVP of the league. We all knew that was going to happen back in week 1, didn’t we?

Patriots are a 5-point favorite on the road against the Dolphins. You can safely bet on Brady and company rebounding from their embarrassment on Monday Night Football. If for any other reason than they don’t want to slip any further toward the dreaded “wild card pack.” What happened against the Saints? Well, typically when Moss gets doubled, Welker runs wild, but that didn’t happen in New Orleans. Plus, Brady was out of sync the whole game with his tight end. Maroney was strong, but mostly from short distances when the TD was more or less a gimme, anyway. They still don’t strike fear in their opponents on the ground or on defense. That said, neither do the Dolphins, and Ricky is due for an off-game, isn’t he? Henne still has nobody to throw to, by the way. Pats cover.

Eagles are 6-point favorites on the road against the Falcons. This is a tricky one, since Ryan is on the bench. Otherwise, I’d say take the Falcons. Of course, the line would be different if that were the case. The Falcons RB situation is up in the air, as well. So tread cautiously here, but the 6-point line seems just about right. It always depends which Eagles team shows up, but if they come to play, they’ll win handsomely on the road.

Ravens are 3-point underdogs against the Packers in Green Bay. I have to call upset here. Aaron Rodgers has been sacked 800 times this year, and they’re going up against one of the most feared defenses in the history of the league. Think that trend will continue? Rodgers has to be wearing down at this point, and Lambeau isn’t enough to save him from Baltimore’s wrath. Flacco has been up and down in recent weeks, but still remains a stable force for the Ravens, and Ray Rice is ready to explode. Prepare to see him go in the first round of fantasy drafts in 2010. Bet the Ravens.

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