NFL: Week 12

Never underestimate the power of Ricky Williams’ lungs – that’s the awkward but unavoidable lesson to be learned from last week’s games, as the Dolphins but a stop to the Panthers mini turnaround and rode Ricky’s legs to victory. Manning stayed perfect, though, thus salvaging another .500 week for me in a crazy year in football gambling. Let’s look ahead to Thanksgiving weekend, which always features the Cowboys, even though their offense has fallen flatter than Miley Cyrus hitting a high note. That’s right, a Miley Cyrus reference, enjoy.

Giants at Broncos: Eli won himself back into the hearts of fantasy football owners last week, but it’s not all about the flex position. He seems to be playing for a Super Bowl return, as well, whatever that is. Giants are 6-point favorites on the road against a team in disarray. Forget about whether Orton will play (OK don’t forget it, it makes a big difference) – my point is the team has proven their nowhere near invincible even if he suits up. He is, after all, Kyle Orton, regardless of what those blind Broncos fans screamed in your ear through the first month and a half of the season. Welcome to reality, friends. When Brandon Marshall wants to, he’s a No. 1 receiver in this league, but a team with a shaky offense and questionable running game can ill afford the Randy Moss attitude from anyone as they try to salvage their season. Looks like 2 teams going in different directions, and the Giants should cover and make a push for the wild card.

Panthers and Jets: Jets are favored by a field goal, but I think you should go ahead and bet them to cover. Their defense is coming back into the picture, and they’ve always done a decent job stopping the run, which is still the Panthers only reliable weapon. It has to say something their only success this year has been when Dellhomme was kept on a short-pass leash. Not the type of plan you build a playoff team around. Jake might be backing somebody up next year. In any event, the Jets (4-6) still have an outside shot of postseason play, depending largely on what happens with other teams, but they won’t go down without a fight. This could be a 16-10 game, but I see the Jets coming out on top.

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