NFL: Week 10

I continue my theme this week of .500 predictions into the NFL, although I can’t really take much credit for calling the Arizona game. Still don’t know what the oddsmakers were thinking on that one, but it was incredibly obvious and unfair. As for the Giants, I thought I’d give their talent some credit…evidently too much. What a difference a 4-game losing streak makes. Who’s up this week?

I’ll start with an unusual one, Bills at Titans. After starting 0-6, the Titans now enjoy a 6.5-point line at home. Is that all Vince Young? Maybe for now, but his first loss will send the bandwagon to a screeching halt. It’s too late for this season anyway, so are the Titans looking Back to the Future? With Young? Eh, who cares, it’s the Titans. They do seem to have a dual threat on offense again, though, with Chris Johnson tearing it up on the ground, as well. So it’s not far-fetched to think they’ll win by a least a touchdown against the Bills, who at 3-5 are FAR worse than their record would indicate. In fact, it’s likely. Bet the Titans to cover.

I’ll say it – the Falcons are a good team, a very good team. A threat in the NFC. Bet on it. Even with a couple key injuries, the defense is holding strong. They hushed the Redskins last week (admittedly not that difficult a task) and now take aim on the road against the Panthers. Delhomme is still in there (although my fantasy team is in 11th place – thanks Jake!) but Deangelo Williams has finally stepped back into the spotlight as the productive star, so shaky Jakey can fall back to game-manager instead of game-changer, which seems to be the only job he can handle these days, post-injury. The Falcons are the favorite, although only by a point and a half. Ask yourself this, if the Falcons stack the run, how is Carolina going to hurt them? Think that Dellhome/Smith attack is anything close to a potent as it once was? You’re kidding yourself. Atlanta covers and then some.

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