What can I tell you about New Orleans?  First, now we have to hear all year about how much the Super Bowl win has lifted the city, like it’s going to pay to renovate these people’s homes.  And we have to hear Who Dat on every radio station at all times of the day. OK, I’m a little bitter.  It just looked like the Colts didn’t even care they were at the Super Bowl, including Peyton Manning.  Forget about the score or the early lead, and throw the statistics out the window, because when it came down to heart, Brees and the Saints showed how much having it can overcome anything else.  Anyway, overall it was a successful gambling year for me, and hopefully all of you. But enough about last season, let’s take a peek at what a couple popular teams need to do during the off season to be competitive and catch your eye.

Minnesota Vikings: Well, first they’ll need a quarterback.  And man I hope they do have to make that decision.  I don’t think I could stand another off-season of Favre playing his juvenile game of stay or go.  I think he’s gone, and the question of who’s going to step in a fill the void of the team that should’ve gone to the Super Bowl (or at least overtime) is going to be top news in Minnesota.  I’ll tell you this, though.  No matter what the odds, if they start Tavaris Jackson – a HUGE step back – forget about betting on them to get out of the first round of the playoffs.  Peterson could run for 50 touchdowns and it wouldn’t make a lick of difference.

New England Patriots:  Something just didn’t feel right during the later rounds of the playoffs without Tom Brady and company there.  It’s easy to hate these guys, but I’ll bet they would’ve put up more of a fight against the Saints than the Colts did.  Brady and Moss started to gel as the season went on, and I think they’ll be fine.  The problem was Welker’s health as far as the offense was concerned – that and a revolving door at RB that must be solved.  Either put your weight behind Maroney or go get someone you trust to carry the bulk.  This team worked wonderfully behind Corey Dillon, they just need another guy like that.  Just someone of the Ryan Grant caliber.  And when Brady went out a couple years ago, the defense was already falling apart.  We saw this year it must get patched with some youth to have a chance in the year ahead.

A few quick hits.  The Steelers need to pull themselves together and play like a team again.  The Chargers – well, they’re hopeless.  Maybe dumping Tomlinson IS what they need.  The Giants are a mess, as well.  Their defense let them down and RB injuries hurt them early and often.  Two large things that aren’t easy to fix with a few months rest.

So if I’m betting right now, today, on who’s going to win the Super Bowl, who would it be?  Who else?  

Da Bears.

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