NFL Draft

It’s becoming clear the Rams intent to use their No. 1 pick in the upcoming NFL draft on none other than Sam Bradford. Is it a good call? Will it ever matter for these struggling Rams? I’ll break it down plus some other key mock picks.

I’m sure you already have April 22 marked on your schedule. The Rams? They might not be sweating it so much, since they know what they’re going to do. I view Bradford as a major prospect. So many “name” college QB’s have headed to horrible teams in the NFL and it’s absolutely sunk them. Will Sam be any different? The injury doesn’t seem to be the issue, it’s the talent. The Rams might’ve cleared the path for such a QB, but what they have left growing in the yard ain’t exactly top soil. They better hope Bradford has the patience to grow with this team, otherwise you might be looking at names like Tim Couch or Jamarcus Russell for comparison instead of Vince Young.

The Lions, who were so thrilled not to lose all their games last year it was disgusting, get the No. 2 pick. And while they might need everything BUT a quarterback, they’re eyeing defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh from Nebraska. I think this is a smart pick. Defense builds the core of the team, and having a few more key guys in there, even if it takes this rookie a little while to develop, will quickly translate into 2 more wins per season. I wouldn’t exactly bet on them to be in the playoff picture, but it’s a start.

And let’s jump down to No. 4, I can’t resist picking apart the Redskins since the McNabb deal. You could argue they need someone for McNabb to throw to, but the first priority is likely someone to protect the guy. So offensive tackle Russell Okung from Oklahoma State looks to be the pick. And he’ll be lining up for them long after Donovan fades into the sunset. This year, though, not even the top prospect will keep McNabb from the trainwreck we’re about to see unfold in Washington. Count the games until Portis spouts off. Go ahead.

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