Minnesota at New Orleans: I can’t tell you how much I’m looking forward to this game. Coming off a convincing victory over the hottest team in the league (formerly), the Vikings have all the reason in the world to be brimming with confidence heading into this powerhouse matchup against the Saints. And let’s face it, the Vikings had a much tougher opponent than the Saints and they still made short work. Not only that, but their defense looked like that of a Super Bowl contender. If New Orleans thought they were cake-walking out of the NFC, they better think again.

The Saints are a 4.5-point favorite, but I’d be careful before throwing tons of money on the Saints. In fact, I think they’re going to struggle to win this game at all. Here are some of my reasons why.

First, you have to look back to week 8 to see when Colston had more than one “big” game in a row. He’s coming off a nice performance, which might make you think Brees has finally found a nice groove with his #1 receiver and #1 deep threat, but coming from someone who had Colston on his fantasy team all year, I know it never pans out that way.

Second, see above except replace Colston with Bush. Although Bush barely had two or three great games all year. He’s the definition of unpredictable. The Vikings are more than twice the defensive team than the Cardinals are, and I don’t see Bush getting many chances except on bailouts when Brees gets in trouble. The Vikings also have a tough run defense, limiting the options with Pierre Thomas. Of course, these are the Saints – someone is gonna score – but they’ve fallen surprisingly flat more than once this season, and playing at home is no guarantee the spark will automatically be there for these guys.

And finally, with all due respect to Brees, Adrian Peterson is the top star on the field. The Vikings can and will beat you through the air at will, but teams have no choice but to leave that avenue single covered to focus on Peterson’s explosive capabilities. He had 18 touchdowns this year – on the ground.

And believe it or not, the Vikings are only about 25 passing yards behind the Saints on the season average, This one will come down to the defenses, I think. And currently, Minnesota has shown they have the edge.

Saints fail to cover (also predicting Vikings win in an upset).

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