NCAA: Week 5

I won’t apologize for not seeing the Virginia Tech score coming, I’m sure I ended up in the same boat as many other gamblers out there. Needless to say, that one hurt. I redeemed myself by hitting the Indiana vs. Michigan line right on the head, though. And Florida covered, as expected, although I can guarantee you that while Florida fans may have “exhaled,” it doesn’t change the fact that his concussion knocked the wind out of the entire state. Not a good week for Florida sports on all fronts, but let’s take a look at this week and see if we can change our fortune. Heading into week 5, I finally get above the .500 mark at 5-4.

Michigan at Michigan State, no line: Michigan just squeaked by Indiana, handing them their first loss of the season, and Michigan enters this game 4-0, while MSU is just 1-3 and winless in conference play so far. That’s a lot of stock to put into the home team. I don’t buy it, and would bet Michigan to stick with the consistent offense and pull out another victory here. Michigan has a slew of tough, big games on their schedule the rest of the year, but I doubt they’re looking past one of their biggest rivalries, especially on the road. They’ll be ready.

How about an all Big 10 week? Penn State visits Illinois, and carries a 6.5-point edge. The Lions are coming off a loss to Iowa where they were held to 10 points. This is only the fourth game of the year for the Illini, but they’ve been absolutely abused in their two losses, and Missouri wasn’t ranked at the time. Penn State is currently No. 15, and whether you believe they’re deserving of that ranking is one thing. Daryll Clark, though, has 9 Tds already, although six nasty interceptions accompany that. But Illinois’ defense is extremely weak, and I wouldn’t expect them to be able to capitalize on a few throwing errors the way Iowa Syracuse can. Penn State should cover.