NCAA: Week 14

Before we get to the main event, aka the only football game in the universe this weekend, let’s quickly recap the ongoing twists and turns of this season that continued last week. Alabama had it’s hands full – surprisingly – with Auburn. Man, if they can’t even beat them by double digits… At least Florida covered, but Texas disappointed, as well. What’s going on with these supposed juggernauts? Are they tired? Chalk me up for a 17-11 record heading into week 14.

All right, let’s cut right to it. #1 vs. #2. What many would consider the national championship itself. The closest thing we’ll get to a playoff in the BCS format. And, in case it didn’t have enough names, probably the most gambled on game this side of the Super Bowl.

Florida, the road warriors here, still enter as 5.5-point favorites. So what do we do…what do we take from last week’s performances. If you ask me, both teams sent a clear message – ones that were completely opposite from each other.

I don’t see anything that tells me Alabama’s defense can contain the Florida Gators. Let me put this into perspective for you. The Gators worst win of the season, if there is such a thing, was a 10-point win over No. 4 LSU. So they haven’t won by fewer than a dime all season. And there’s plenty that would say LSU had and has just as much offensive firepower as Alabama.

Alabama’s 31.7 pp. might be enough to escape Auburn, Virginia Tech and Tennessee, but do you think they’ll cover this one? Yeah, Dunlap likely won’t play for Florida, but they have more than enough to fill the hole.

Bet the over, and bet Florida to cover. And, while we’re at it, go ahead and bet them to beat Texas in the Championship game, too. Counting my chickens too soon? Sure, but that’s where all the fun is.

OK let’s do one more game. It’s taking a lot to get excited about anything else, but I’ll throw a potential upset out there. Texas is a 14.5-point favorite on the road at Nebraska. The Cornhuskers were expected to compete this year, and they have. They’re No. 22 in the nation, 9-3 in conference play and leading the Big 12 North. A long way from where they were 2 years ago. Are they on the same level as the Longhorns? No chance. Are they capable of riding an emotional game in their tough home territory to an upset? You bet. Or at least you can bet on Texas not covering. Again, if you’re looking for a high-profile line upset, look no further.