NCAA: Week 13

Stanford held its ground last week, but not by enough to cover the spread, marking my first correct prediction of the week. I told everyone it was your best chance at an upset, so hopefully some of you listened. However, I wasn’t so luck with the Notre Dame game. Man, if they don’t have a new coach next season, there’ll be a lot of unhappy gamblers and alumni. All right, so I’m 16-9, still quite respectable, heading into week 13. Let’s see whose butting heads and eating turkey.

Alabama is an 11.5-point favorite on the road against Auburn. The No. 2 team in the nation is still on fire at 11-0 (7-0), while Auburn has lost 4 of its last 6 – one of those losses being at home to Kentucky. This one should really be a no-brainer. I see Alabama crushing the home team, and the only thing that can stop them is if they’re looking too far ahead to the 12/5 game at home against Florida, which by the way I can’t wait to see the line for. But for now, Auburn (3-4 in conference) has to deal with them. Ultimately, I think Alabama will cover on the message they want to send the Gators that they can pick apart any conference foe they want in their sleep.

Speaking of which, Florida hosts Florida State, in what used to be a game that mattered. This time, the Gators enjoy a 23.5-point edge. Sounds funny to say that seems low, but it does. Florida has really only beat one currently-ranked team this year, LSU, and it was only by 10 points. Lucky for them FSU isn’t ranked, nor or they much of a threat on either side of the ball. FSU can score, don’t get me wrong, but they’re a long way from toppling Brigham Young early in the season. Florida covers.

Texas is a 22.5-point favorite on the road against Texas A&M. The third team in our trio of deserving National Championship contenders just obliterated every opponent going back to their tight victory over Oklahoma. A&M is not the team they were expected to be this year, sitting at a disappointing 3-4 in conference and 6-5 overall. The question isn’t whether they’ll win this game, though, it’s whether they have enough talent and pride to put the brakes on the Longhorns. Here’s how I look at it…we’re basically talking about 3 touchdowns and a throwaway score, which Texas, if it really wants to impress enough to be part of the title mix, should be able to do in its sleep. Think McCoy is motivated? You’re right. Bet Texas.