NCAA Football: Week 4

Well, I’ll keep my .500 record going strong into week 4 of college football. I missed the Texas/Texas Tech prediction (the Longhorns won, but not by enough to cover the spread), but accurately called the Jayhawks’ destruction of Duke. What happened in the Texas game? While everyone was focusing on the revenge angle, we all seemed to forget that Tech has a pretty strong defense to go along with their experience from a year ago. So while Texas is still on pace to make it to the title game, their road might be a little bumpier than first predicted.

Good thing I stayed away from that USC game! Anyway, let’s press on and take a look at a couple matchups for the coming week.

No. 9 Miami at No. 11 Virginia Tech: Who’d have thought entering the season that Miami would’ve been the favorite in this game. But here we are, staring at a vastly improved Hurricanes team that’s threatening to bring back memories of stories years, and they come into this matchup – on the road no less – as 3-point favorites. Yeah, it’s good to see Miami back in the mix, but I have to say I’m still skeptical. Tech is 11 because they lost to the powerful Alabama club in week 1, before winning a garbage game and then sneaking by an improved Nebraska squad. Even if they get passed Miami, they still have 5 more road games on the table – 3 of which look to be tough challenges. And I don’t know if they’re up to the challenge. They don’t have anyone filling in at the top of any major statistical categories across the conference, and the desire seems to be somewhat missing. Where’s the spark Virginia Tech? Across the hash marks, Miami seems more energetic every week. This will be a close one, and I think Miami will just barely cover at that 3-point mark.

How about a Big 10 clash? Michigain State at Wisconsin, with Wisconsin as another 3-point favorite. This is a noon game on Saturday. Wisconsin is 3-0, but with the exception of last week, they haven’t really be crushing teams that are much weaker than them on paper. MSU on the other hand, is 1-2, looking at a long road through 2009. So why the small line? The truth is neither team is really that great. This will be a popular conference game this week, as the tailgating weather is likely to be just right for some fantastic college football…but will the fans be the only ones into the game? These games, regardless of location, usually come down to whomever has that drive to pull it out, but my money’s on Wisconsin continuing their undefeated record with a nice 10-point victory over the Spartans.

One more quick one: Arkansas at Alabama: Alabama goes in as a 17-point favorite (not to mention the No. 3 ranking in the country). They’re hot, they’re hungry, they’re at home…they’ll cover. They might win by 30. The only thing Alabama is thinking right now is this – “One slip up by Texas or Florida, and we’re in the title picture.” And they’re right. I’m eagerly awaiting the Oct. 10 matchup at No. 4 Mississippi. Hopefully neither team looks too far ahead before taking care of their immediate business on the field.