Mike Vick: The most overrated player in the NFL

He has perhaps the best physical skill set for any player in the entire league. He’s coming off a year in which he was a bona fide MVP candidate, and appeared to have finally put the whole package together after a stint in jail for a blood-curdling role in a dog fighting ring. You know the name: Mike Vick. He’s as polarizing an athlete as there is in sports these days, with people either loving the guy or wanting to send him back to prison. But, all extra curriculars aside, is he even worthy of a spot as the starting quarterback on a playoff team, let alone the second $100 million contract of his career he signed with the Philadelphia Eagles this past off season?

Marketing gurus may say otherwise, but statistically speaking, the answer is clear: No!
Vick had a monster season in 2010. Although he missed four games due to injury, the 12 he managed to suit up for were breathtaking. The lefty tossed for over 3,000 yards, 21 touchdowns compared to only six interceptions, and posted a quarterback rating of 100.2, the best of his career as a starter by nearly 19 points. Additionally, he ran for 676 yards and scored nine rushing touchdowns. It’s fair to say he was the most difficult man in the league to scheme against.

But it may have been more a career year than a changed career trajectory. Vick’s career quarterback rating rests at 80.1 in more than 100 games played. He has posted ratings under 80 in six out of nine seasons. His teams have never reached a Super Bowl and his playoff rating is 76.9. To sum it up, Mike Vick has been a disappointment in all but two seasons in his NFL career.

In life, there are lies, damn lies, and statistics. Perhaps when it comes to Inmate #7, more attention should be paid to the stats, and less to the lies that our eyes register when we see him as we wish he would be.

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