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The rankings are beginning to take shape

It’s spring, and the college football season is beginning to spring buds, too. Previews are popping up and top 25 lists are starting to make their first appearances. Let’s take a look at a few teams making these lists and talk about their chances, and whether they’re worth your gambling dollars.

2011 NCAA futures

Never to early to start looking at next season, no matter what the sport. I’ve been studying the NCAA 2011 BSC futures, and there are no surprises early on. The usual suspects are there, even though a few have dropped their stranglehold on the top spot they’ve held for a few years. Let’s look through […]

NCAA: Championship game

The big game is finally up us, well come Thursday night it will be. Texas is a 4.5-point underdog vs. Alabama according to the NCAA football odds in the much-anticipated championship game. For a straight money line, Texas is at -115 and Ala. is at -105. Will Ala. cover? Will they even win? Let’s break […]

Bowl mania

Now we’re getting into the meaty bowl games, all leading up to the big finish of Texas vs. Alabama. Let’s take a look at the Rose Bowl on Jan. 1, the Sugar Bowl on Jan. 1, and, of course, the Texas Bowl on New Year’s Eve (go Mizzou!)

NCAA: Emerald Bowl preview

The Emerald Bowl on Dec. 26 brings us Boston College at No. 24 USC. USC is a 7.5-point favorite going into this one. I’m personally not sold on the prospect of this being a close game, either. The money line is -300 USC, +250 Boston College, which should tell you almost all you need to […]

NCAA: Let the bowls begin

One of the first bowl games coming up this Saturday is the New Mexico Bowl – Wyoming at Fresno State, with Fresno State an 11.5-point favorite. I can understand if you don’t know much about this pair, as neither of them lit it up this year, but here’s the deal. Wyoming was a straight .500 […]

NCAA: Week 14

Before we get to the main event, aka the only football game in the universe this weekend, let’s quickly recap the ongoing twists and turns of this season that continued last week. Alabama had it’s hands full – surprisingly – with Auburn. Man, if they can’t even beat them by double digits… At least Florida […]

NCAA: Week 13

Stanford held its ground last week, but not by enough to cover the spread, marking my first correct prediction of the week. I told everyone it was your best chance at an upset, so hopefully some of you listened. However, I wasn’t so luck with the Notre Dame game. Man, if they don’t have a […]

NCAA: Week 12

Penn State covered, Wisconsin covered, and somehow Missouri destroyed Kansas State. Where was that Tigers team all year? Who is Danario Alexander you ask? Try 200-yard receiver for Mizzou. So, almost no big surprises. Tack 2-1 on to my running tally and I’m 15-8 on the year. I’m determined to get to 20. Here’s the […]