A look at the Packers

It’s a long off-season for 29 teams out there in football land. I don’t care what they say in post-game interviews, nobody is happy with their season unless it ended with a championship – especially the teams that made it to the playoffs – and if they are, I feel sorry for the folks who live in the city they represent. Nevertheless, all teams look to improve, even the champs. So let’s see what these teams need to get done as we move through the off-season.

I’m going to spend some time talking about the Packers here. Aaron Rodgers was all but heroic last year. The guy was sacked what seemed like every other time he touched the ball, and still put up extremely consistent numbers to push his team into the playoffs. His 423-yard game wasn’t enough to get by the Cardinals, but that was hardly his fault. And he’s still young. Honestly, the QB is the least of their concerns. What they need to address immediately is their offensive line, and perhaps look in another direction for a No. 1 running back. Grant is ultimately unimpressive. 11 TDs and 1,200 yards is…good, acceptable. I wouldn’t put the ball in his hands with the game on the line, though. Also to take into consideration is that Driver, although he proves every year he can still play, is still one year older every year. At some point, he’s going to cross that Cris Carter/Tory Holt threshold and take his seat on the bench.

So I’m afraid of Green Bay taking a step back, especially since the Lions are taking small steps forward. Minnesota might suffer in the short term without Favre at the helm, and Chicago needs a revamped, younger defense and an entire squad of receivers. So while the Packers still look good in the NFC North, there’s no guarantee they can turn that into playoff success.

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